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Step B. – Click the cart icon then click on ‘PROCEED TO CHECKOUT’ to fill in the checkout form with the necessary information and review your details.

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Delivery to your Home or Workplace in St Lucia.

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1. – Select ‘create and account’

2. – Change Country/Region to St Lucia.

3. – Input your information including:

Debit card number
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Next agree to the Paypal terms and select agree and pay

After you click agree and pay your order will be placed and you will have a Paypal account at the same time.


Inspiration Teas St. Lucia


Tea blends using locally available ingredients. Try Inspiration Teas Bay leaf Tea Blend that is good to the last drop! Our Local St Lucian Instant Cocoa mix. Just add hot water and milk. enjoy your tea! and lots more Inspiration Teas you'll love.

Inspiration Teas St. Lucia Online Store