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BEY~ A Wonderful Bay Leaf Blend Tea

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Tea: BEY~ A wonderful bay leaf blend meant for relaxing or gently awakening the soul for the day. With ingredients that can only improve your health, let Bey take care of you as you deserve.  (20 pack) Ingredients: bay leaf, clove, cinnamon, mint, green tea, and lime/lemon zest.

REDZ~ A Hibiscus Tea Blend Thats Wonderful

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REDZ~This Hibiscus Tea Blend is a wonderful mood pick-me-up. Having a stressed day? Got up on the wrong side of the bed? Take a deep breath, calm down, and have a cup. Very good for stress or high blood pressure.  Ingredients: Hibiscus, sorrel, cinnamon, clove and lime peel.

QuiCoco ~ A St. Lucian Instant Local Cocoa Tea Mix

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QuiCoco ~Our QuiCoco Tea is a St. Lucian Instant Local Cocoa Mix. Forget boiling. Forget purchasing all those spices. Forget grating that cocoa stick and nearly grating your fingers too. Leave that hard work alone! This local Lucian favorite allows you instant enjoyment of that beloved Cocoa and spices but without all the hassle. Now you can drink Cocoa tea whenever the mood strikes. Ingredients: Cocoa, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, bay leaf, custard & cornstarch. The product may contain chocolate depending on purchase.

Local Coffee ~ Freshly Roasted Coffee To Enjoy

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Get your local coffee freshly roasted. Choose whether you want full beans or grinded or in single cup pour over coffee bags to allow your enjoyment from anywhere. Inspiration Coffee: Local coffee freshly roasted Grinded: $5 per oz. Full Beans: $4 per oz Pour over coffee bags: 12 for $20.